ISIS, Brexit And Trump; What Do They Have In Common?

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As you know the topic is quite intriguing and almost hints at the proposition of a very deep dark conspiracy theory connecting ISIS, Brexit and Trump (we are using the word ‘Trump’ more as a phenomenon rather than a person). But, as much as it might disappoint you, I am not going to talk about any conspiracies here. Just plain facts and an observation which any lay man, or woman, can and I think should, make. It will be obvious once I state it. But it’s the obvious that eludes us. Articulating it and having a plan to address the obvious will help us be part of the solution. This is the objective of this piece. Continue reading

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Regular or Large?


Told to buy small glasses of fresh juice I hurried towards the vendor. After giving my flavors the sales representative asked me: Regular or Large? And I said Regular. It took me minutes to realize (well, you may say I’m slow) that I was supposed to order small! But I was not given an option! Daniel Kahneman (Thinking Fast and Slow) would call it ‘Availability Heuristic’. Continue reading

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“Might is right” says Captain America: Civil War

Captain America

After reading enough of Noam Chomsky it’s hard to thoroughly enjoy any movie, even if it be as good as Captain America: Civil War. ‘We may not be perfect but ours’ are the safest pair of hands’ argues Captain America for retaining decision making control of the Avengers within the Avengers. Because UN is comprised of people who have ‘agendas’ and of course Avengers or anyone else with superpowers just wants to right the wrong without agendas. Continue reading

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Here and Now vs. There and Then

Many of us are waiting. For things to change, for our location to change (immigration), for a better job offer, for a better degree, for another chance, for something to happen. There is nothing wrong with waiting, unless you believe lost time can’t be reclaimed. Continue reading

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Vision: Purpose, Values & Goals – #100Words

Vision: Purpose, Values & Goals - #100Words

‘Vision has become one of the most overused – and least understood – words in the language.’ – Built To Last

Yet living (an individual or corporate) life without a clearly defined vision is like driving in fog to an undecided location. Continue reading

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Numbers Are Not Enough to Calculate Banking Risk

If numbers had told us all we need to know then we wouldn’t have come up with words. And now we have the number-guys telling us that numbers are not enough for the most counted and counted upon area of finance.‪#‎Finance‬ ‪#‎AssetManagement‬

Continue reading

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Einstein’s Gravity Waves – Simplified [Urdu]

As I have a lifelong experience of dealing with gravity (all the pun in the world intended), I feel myself competent enough to discuss the gravitational waves discovery!

Have a look.

p.s. this instance can serve as a perfect argument for those who comment on issues of politics, economics, finance and religion just on the basis of ‘experience’. Don’t take me wrong, I am on their side. They are a powerful lot and I have learnt to choose sides well 🙂

And if you want some ‘authentic’ stuff on the topic, here is where to click.


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