Pakistan: In bad health AND getting better

Yes, Pakistan’s health is not great, and it is getting better. That has been the purpose of these articles; to realize the situation is not good and a lot needs to be done, but also acknowledge that progress is taking place over time and not all has to be raised back from the ashes. There is room for fact based optimism.

govt health spending comparative.png Our government health spending is low. It needs to be very high. This problem needs correction. Definitely. AND it has improved over time. Both these facts can be seen from graph 1. (Sweden has been taken to give a point of reference as Scandinavian countries are role model to follow in health and human development areas.)

Two more indicators of health are life expectancy (average life of people) and number of doctors per 1000 people. In both these Pakistan is lagging behind the ideal. AND there has been improvement over time. And yes, much more needs to be done. This can be seen in graphs 2 and 3.

life expectancy comparative

Doctors per 1000persons comparative

Clarification!: This (or these, as it is likely to be a series) is not meant to say k Sab Acha Hai, and that nothing needs to be done. Instead, the message I want to convey is that our proneness to negativity has gotten the better of us and we might be viewing the situation worse than it actually is. And yes, it is bad in certain areas, but not as bad as we might think. So we need to work towards betterment with a positive approach and belief that what we have been doing in the past did work, at least up to a certain extent. Secondly this is neither in defense of any political party nor in favor of any.

(graphs – courtesy: all the data is from public sources of UN, World Bank, IMF, etc.)


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