Pakistan: Infant Mortality – Getting Better

Yesterday PM Imran Khan (official) mentioned the high number of infant mortality in Pakistan. Something about that:

Pakistan has the highest number of infant mortality among its notable neighbors (picture 1)(definition: number of children dying under the age of 5 years per 1000 babies born, current number for Pakistan is 76.8, i.e. at an average for every 1000 babies born in Pakistan 76.8 babies die before reaching age 5).

Infant Mortality Pakistan vs Neighbors
This represents the overall conditions of the society as children upto 5 years of age are the most vulnerable to problems of society, be it dirty drinking water, open pot holes, dirty environment, preventable diseases, lack of vaccination, lack of education/awareness in parents to enable them for better care of children, open electric wires, lack of first aid for small injuries, poverty causing malnutrition, etc.

So if this number improves (i.e. decreases) it means the society is improving.

However, one important point to note for raising our spirits. This number for Pakistan in 1980 was 164, in 1990 was 138, in 2000 was 110, in 2010 was 91.6 and in 2018 is 76.8. (Picture 2)

Infant Mortality Pakistan

Of course even one child dying is a catastrophe, but the trend shows that we are improving! Alhamdulillah. There is much for evidence based optimism. And under the new government will improve further and faster, aameen.

Clarification!: This (or these, as it is likely to be a series) is not meant to say k Sab Acha Hai, and that nothing needs to be done. Instead, the message I want to convey is that our proneness to negativity has gotten the better of us and we might be viewing the situation worse than it actually is. And yes, it is bad in certain areas, but not as bad as we might think. Secondly this is neither in defense of any political party nor in favor of any.

(graphs – courtesy: all the data is from public sources of UN, World Bank, IMF, etc.)

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One thought on “Pakistan: Infant Mortality – Getting Better

  1. If you can look at the graphs, situation in India too as worse as Pakistan. Although it is improving a lot these days. Major share of both the governments go to military enhancement, which is needed for capitalistic countries.


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