Trump to Nawaz

From Trump to Qatar to Nawaz what I hear as the only awaaz is that of confusion. Confusion over basic definitions. People, to be fair, seem pretty equally divided. Some arguments are rational, some emotional and some neither – but they all seem to work on their respective audiences. To add to that confusion, we have a media which fluctuates between being informative and baffling with a high enough frequency to blur the difference between the two.

I believe that the messy confusion merits an ultra-simple explanation. And who better to borrow such an explanation from than my favourite Mullah Nasruddin. He was busy working in his garden when a neighbour he disliked came across asking to borrow his donkey for a ride. The donkey was parked in the stable behind away from the view, taking advantage of which Mullah confidently lied that the donkey had been given away to someone else and is not currently available. In the meanwhile, the donkey from behind the stable walls gave out a loud braying exposing the lie of Mullah. The neighbour accused Mullah of being a liar and called for an explanation. But the Mullah kept his calm and retorted elegantly: ‘Now you will believe the word of a donkey over me?!’

That should explain the mess. Moving on. What we should be doing is not engaging in endless debates and discussions – the issue is pretty clear. Get down to doing practical stuff. The basics – vote and rally for the right person in the next elections. Support the ‘righter’ (nobody is the absolute ‘right’, let’s be honester) people as well as you can by voting, funding, participating, etc.

Generally, keep calm and be kind. Don’t be aggressive towards people who are still favouring Mullah’s statement over donkey’s word. They will come around and realize that its more important to focus on the content rather than the source.

In the end, lets remind ourselves that the corruption and severe irrationality we abhor may well be seen to creep into our own lives. Well – just a teaser – nature programmed us to inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, right? Now what did we do? We dissolved that very carbon dioxide in sweet and flavoured water and drink it to ‘open happiness’! Soft drinks. I am not saying to leave drinking the fizzy drinks or to care for the wellbeing of your needy neighbours or to quit smoking or to quit unhealthy fast food or to drive under the speed limit with seat belts on or to stop telling lies to people around you – I am just saying to stay humble when others behave irrationally 🙂 

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