Regular or Large?


Told to buy small glasses of fresh juice I hurried towards the vendor. After giving my flavors the sales representative asked me: Regular or Large? And I said Regular. It took me minutes to realize (well, you may say I’m slow) that I was supposed to order small! But I was not given an option! Daniel Kahneman (Thinking Fast and Slow) would call it ‘Availability Heuristic’.

The options we have, or we are told we have, or we think we have greatly affect our decisions and actions. The above instance was good salesmanship. Marketing is all about giving the ‘right’ options. So marketing people have a take-away: give your options such that the small customer buys regular! This is achieved by tempting combos, top-ups, discounts, advertisements, celebrity endorsements, etc.

Customers beware. Look through the fine print. Get aloof from the heat of the moment and then decide. Compare options. Ask for completeness.

Generally, we should ‘manage’ ourselves by the right options. No exercise or 10 minutes of walk, should not be the options. 10 minutes walk or 15 minutes walk should be. You get the idea. If you select your option setting well you can scale up your game. Apply this in the areas of your life needing improvement and see the result.

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