“Might is right” says Captain America: Civil War

Captain America

After reading enough of Noam Chomsky it’s hard to thoroughly enjoy any movie, even if it be as good as Captain America: Civil War. ‘We may not be perfect but ours’ are the safest pair of hands’ argues Captain America for retaining decision making control of the Avengers within the Avengers. Because UN is comprised of people who have ‘agendas’ and of course Avengers or anyone else with superpowers just wants to right the wrong without agendas.

Well that’s the policy statement. People with superpowers decide, they know better, they don’t have agendas, they want to right the wrong, liberate masses, kill the bad guys, keep everyone safe, endure freedom, given peace a chance, democracy for all. Right?

Be it American foreign policy or Pakistan’s pro-martial law line of thought they sync in pretty well with Captain America. We are more competent. We decide. Any questions?

The movie is loaded with political content. The villain, who is the bad guy wanting to kill the good guys, wants revenge for a ‘little wrong’ done while the Avengers were doing a ‘great right’. Replace ‘collateral damage’ and ‘democracy and freedom’ in the right spots and you have the speech writers basics for delivering to the high end official preparing for a press briefing regarding civilian casualties.

The good guys, the guys with superpower(s), have no revenge motive (yes they might pre-empt potential damage causing tendencies and kill the bad guys, but that’s not revenge, its being a superpower), they just want to spread the light of good.

Yes the good guys have one problem; civil war. United will they stand and division is bad. A message for Brexit? For UN?

Of course I don’t mean to say that the movie intends to ‘manufacture consent’ for military rule in Pakistan, acceptance of Israel’s unreasonable positions, embracing of American foreign policy or an In for Brexit. After all, why would I say such a thing?


so what do you think?

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