Here and Now vs. There and Then

Many of us are waiting. For things to change, for our location to change (immigration), for a better job offer, for a better degree, for another chance, for something to happen. There is nothing wrong with waiting, unless you believe lost time can’t be reclaimed.

In the desire for There and Then we miss out the opportunity of Here and Now. Procrastination is the name of the disease. It is coupled with fantasies woven with the yarn of misplaced expectations. We believe everything will be fine once we reach There and Then.

What makes it worse is that usually There and Then is not actually what we want. In fact many of us don’t know what we want. And hence every endeavor starts with ecstasy and ends in dismay. A mirage, when reached, is meaningless. 

So, what to do? Its simple and not easy. Simple because you are perfectly capable of knowing what you want, just look deep enough, think of the end game, think how you want the last day of your life to be like, think how you want people that matter to you to remember you once you’re gone. Think over it, you’ll get your answer, no doubt. Then what is left is to pick up whatever tools you have Here and Now and start shoveling your way. The path will be as enjoyable as the destination.

But its not easy. Its not easy to keep oneself reminded of it. In the Information (read: Distraction) Age there is just too much chaos to keep order. 

I shall discuss more on the Information (aka Distraction) Age and how to order the chaos in another post, keep in touch.

Do share your stories with me which resonate with Here and Now vs. There and Then notion.


4 thoughts on “Here and Now vs. There and Then

  1. At the risk of taking the matter a little too far, the abrahmic religions (i wanted to avoid the use of this word) have asked their followers to remember that there and then is way more desirable than here and now, and so the people are always looking for theres and thens. I know religions mean it in a grander sense but somehow this impatience with here and now is reflective of that inferiority of the lowly now compared to the glorious then.

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    1. Interesting point @safdarsikandar
      It would be completely true if only religious minded people were procrastinated.
      Verily the lowly now has be grossly misunderstood by many ardent followers of religion and it might be a cause of procrastination for the religious minded.
      Secondly the religions stress working for There and Then, not merely waiting…

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