Vision: Purpose, Values & Goals – #100Words

Vision: Purpose, Values & Goals - #100Words

‘Vision has become one of the most overused – and least understood – words in the language.’ – Built To Last

Yet living (an individual or corporate) life without a clearly defined vision is like driving in fog to an undecided location.


  • (P) Purpose is what defines your ‘why’; grand purpose, grand you. No purpose, no you
  • (V) Values are the lighthouses, carving the route
  • (G) Goals are ‘what’ you (want to) become


  1. Pick up a pen and paper
  2. Write your personal PVG; keep it close, keep reviewing
  3. Read, discuss, consult, learn, improve
  4. Repeat with family, friends, colleagues and organization
  5. Live your PVG

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