Do you really have to save the world?

Do you really have to save the world?

In movies we see heroes, and super heroes. They save the world, galaxies, even the universe at times. In sports and advertisements we see sport icons and super models breaking records, reaching new heights of achievements and luxury and glamour. In business schools and social media we are awe-struck by the huge success of the Fords, Buffets, Gates, Mas and Zuckerbergs, and the great amount of influence and charity fame they enjoy. Resultantly, the most dull-life-living creature we find stares us back from the mirror.

But is it true? Do we really believe in ‘Rule number 1 is: never be number 2’ mantra? Or is it something that has just inspired us due to the constant rubbing in by our environment, just like the teenager who comes out of the cinema to go on and emulate the hero for a couple weeks or until the next blockbuster, whichever comes first.

Rationality is begging at our doors. But we have seldom been generous to her. Her pleas appear pretty reasonable; if everyone becomes extraordinary then everyone will be ordinary; if everyone becomes an entrepreneur, there shall be no business (no one to work, no employees!); if everyone is to save the world, we’ll need more worlds; if everyone is the best in their field, we’ll have to rename Earth to Paradise; if everyone is great, then life would lose out its charm.

Yes, fantasies sell better. They make better movies. They elicit better applause at training workshops. But the horses, chariots and coachmen of the Cinderella expedition convert to mice, pumpkin and lizards once the clock of reality chimes for the twelfth time. The magic lasts not long enough. In the end we are left with glass slippers and a passive wait for the enchanting prince of life-changing opportunity to find us. And as there aren’t enough princes around, despair, frustration and dejection are the usual endings.

Why can’t we be happy with being ‘ordinary’? Isn’t that special in its own regard? Need there always be a number 1 and number 2? Always a race, a competition? ‘Imagine no possessions, I wonder if you can, No need for greed or hunger’ (John Lennon), can we imagine this?

Let’s come out of these imposed shells of thinking clichés. Break free. Seize the day. Live. Nobody is keeping score. Live to be what makes you happy and fulfilled. Find a hobby, a passion, a few friends and family, contribute to society, do the chores you ought to, enjoy the routine and make yourself worthwhile. Think big. Act good. Be true.

And don’t worry, the world can save itself.

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9 thoughts on “Do you really have to save the world?

  1. So we should not strive for excellence? Happiness is from within, we can be happy and still try to improve, no?


  2. Of course we should. But also remember that excellence has more to it than being first, most famous, most rich, most qualified, or being a super hero. Even the ‘ordinary’ can achieve excellence in their own regard. By being kind to the stranger, helping the needy, seeing the beauty of the sunset, being happy to be blessed by a simple meal with family, by achieving a balance between body and soul, etc.


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